⁣This is going to sound counter intuitive to the work I do with people but stick with me, ⁣

Humour me, ⁣

See where this goes.... and don't skip to the last line 😜⁣

Does it sound right to you?⁣

When you read a book, do you skip to the end?⁣

Are you really that impatient you need to know? ⁣

Ok so what happens when you do? ⁣

Aahh shit you know the end...... Feel better now? Of course you don't, it's like peeking at Christmas presents when you were a kid months before the actual day.⁣

When you know the end, the excitement of how someone got there seems to just.... Well.... Disappear.... Right?⁣

Hold on...⁣

This doesn't make sense with the work I do.... Does it? 🤷🏻‍♂️⁣

I get people to visualise where they want to be in 25, 10, 5 years etc etc.

Most coaches get their clients to visualise from now...⁣

This is like reading A song of Ice and fire, ⁣

With what I know now, ⁣

I know I really WANT to see Jon Snow as King because he is badass, but does he actually get there and how did he get there? Who did he have to kill to get there 😝? ⁣

So many questions...🤯🤯🤯⁣

So when I get clients to visualise their 'end chapter' it becomes our 'work towards', what they really really really want with no limits, it doesn't matter where they are starting. ⁣

If you have skipped to the end, you have created a fixed and inflexible definitive end, which has created a Hero's journey?⁣

How we choose to write our pages could lead to something far more exciting than what we originally wanted.

I want to go on an adventure with my clients. We start with the ideal but we know it could change as they write more pages in their story⁣

The end is ideal but uncertain and produces excitement and nerves about how we get there. Now we have created a Hero's Adventure.⁣

If you want to be limited by your own mind and that of your coaches.... go find another coach....⁣

If you want an adventure and someone to walk with you as you explore (he will be barefoot) then grab a ✏️ and drop me a message because I believe in YOUR STORY and YOUR ADVENTURE ⁣

Remember where there is uncertainty, there is possibility.

It's going to be epic⁣

Muchos Love 👣⁣


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