Imagine... we had met for a walk for the day.


You are the one leading, you want to show me some of the places you have been and enjoy and we talk as travelling companions on the way,

We walk alongside rivers that flow gently next to us, turning into rapids and then back to a gentle flow,

The sun comes out and lights the way and other times hides behind the clouds,

We cross stiles and walk along paths, tracks and across fields of open space.

We enter a forest.

The path is well walked and you are familiar with the forest, you have walked many forest paths before


There have been many small paths that have led from the main path but you have carried on regardless

You were telling me about a recent situation that has caused some disruption in your life

Suddenly... we come to a fork in our path,


You may notice it looks like a fork that you have walked passed before, but you stayed on the well-trodden path 


something at this one has made you stop at this one. 

I won't tell you what has made you stop, but perhaps somewhere inside, you instinctively know

You look at the paths ahead...

Eventually you will come to the end of the paths, I won't tell you when or which on you should decide to take, The choice is yours

There is a reason why this fork made you stop.

There is a reason that you are contemplating each path

'Everyone's' voice is in your head

But you know which way you want to go 

Which way really you need to go for you

But you have to choose NOW

but before you do, let me just whisper to you "when everything is uncertain, anything is possible"