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Reconnecting with your natural self

Welcome to the place of explorers, adventurers and wayfinders.

Helping you move from chaos to clarity 


I'm Kase, and I am the creative mind behind Barefoot Exploring

For years I was living the typical 2.4 children life we are sold from society. On the outside I had it all, the good job, the wife, the kids, the house, the car, time and money to travel but all the while feeling unfulfilled

I was living a life that wasn't aligned to who I truly was, a life that I thought everyone else was expecting of me.


I was confused and at a loss why I felt so torn, stressed, unfulfilled and to an extent worthless which created an endless chaos in my head.

Before I knew it life was crashing down and I hit rock bottom, I had reached emotional burnout and my outside life finally represented what was going on inside. 

It took time but I'm happy to say I found the real me and have more clarity, direction and focus.

I took responsibility for my life and started to build again from the grown up, with stronger foundations and greater awareness. 

I started challenging myself with new adventures and recently became the first known person to complete the traditional National 3 peaks challenge completely barefoot.  

BAREFOOT EXPLORING is a different kind of adventure for me to connect with others who have reached their own transition points and find themselves in that unknown. It is my mission to help them find their authentic self in the unknown and become wayfinders to live a life by their design.


There is no end in sight to my adventure, only greater things on the horizon. 

The adventure out starts by exploring within


BAREFOOT EXPLORING was and is continuing to be is built on the premise that many of us as humans have become disconnected from our natural world and along with it our natural selves. All our drives, desires and needs being pushed to one side to meet the cultural norms that we are raised in.

Barefoot Exploring is about you, it is a person centred, solution focused approach to help you find your true path and develop the skills to stay true .


The body is a vehicle of knowledge and wisdom

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The coaching packages 

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A 1 day full immersion practical day out exploring in greater depth 

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From time to time I will host workshops and events. 

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Kase’s approach is unique and powerful.


Away from my familiar surroundings was ideal for helping me explore my problems.


Kase helped me identify the old beliefs that were keeping me stuck, I was able to challenge them and begin to explore new beliefs and possibilities.


I would highly recommend Kase's approach, to anyone who feels stuck, or has unresolved issues that they can’t seem to overcome


 - Dan B, Psychotherapist